Our company was born from passion and love for modeling and photography.

Complicated tasks are done best by those who are passionate about what they do.

By using the capabilities of unmanned aerial crafts, we help our clients improve the course of technical inspections.

We will carry out the most demanding tasks with the highest standards of safety.

Thanks to financing from the European Union, we were able – as the first company in Poland - to equip our team with cutting edge equipment for commercial use in industry. This allowed FlyPro to enter a new level of measurement precision and an unprecedented level of safety.

We have the required permissions

The license of the UAVO BVLOS Operator, issued by the Civil Aviation Authority allows us to perform commercial flights.

We have also aquired ITC (Infrared Training Center). It’s a training program based on a model developed by years of experience of the FLIR Company. ITC training courses are respected all over the world.

Mobile team

Our team is fully mobile, we can carry out surveys and inspections throughout Poland and abroad.