Oil rig inspections

Using the safest drone on the market guarantees that the device will never fall onto critical installations, even in difficult weather conditions.

Combining an inteligent thermal imaging and proximity camera in one head, we can carry out inspection with great accuracy and safety of your infrastructure.

Thanks to the temperature alert, the camera AI will alert you in case of human eye missing a vital point.

Bridges & structures inspection

We are able to mount inspection camera at the top of the drone, which allows us to photograph and film (in high resolution) what is happening with any given structure while safely flying under it.

Thermal imaging camera allows us to check thermal losses from the building, which can help you to reduce heating costs.

Our camera also allows for detailed roof and gutters inspection.

Energy industry

Our camera can record both visible light and high-quality thermal imaging.

The most common works are inspections of wind turbines, solar farms, heating and traction networks and power poles.

We have aquired an international ITC (Infrared Training Center) certificate, which assures you that the thermal imaging examination will be carried out correctly with atmost attention to details.

Heating network inspections

Thanks to the hybrid thermal imaging camera, we are able to check possible breakage of heating pipes and their connections. Thanks to real-time temperature control, we can determine the severity of the damage.

Agriculture and forestry inspection

We are in active support of agriculture and forestry. Silent drive of our unmanned aerial craft allows us to fly over animals without scaring them, which prevents unwanted migration.

In combination with advanced thermal imaging camera, we can count specific animal species and register direction of their movements.

Capabilities of our drone allows us to assess crop losses due to natural disasters or animal activity, by collecting data from damaged fields.

Air quality and pollution inspection

We care about our planet. We have equipped our company with a device that allows us to create smog-maps of the region or even from individual chimneys and houses, that can pollute air with toxic smoke.

We can determine with 100% accuracy if anybody uses forbidden materials (such as trash, tires broken furniture, etc.).

Public order and searching

We are able to support our emergency services in searching and maintaining public order at any time thanks to drone intelligent monitoring, which can immediately provide geographical coordinates and other information depends on situation.

The drone and cameras advanced AI can support the search for people in forests, mountains and other locations that are impossible to reach on foot or even in the search and rescue helicopter.

The smart track function allows laser-target tracking.